Coral Gables, Florida

The design of Casa Calbira is of especial significance, as today there are those who subscribe to the premise that Coral Gables should be a place dedicated to the proliferation and regurgitation of “historic” referenced and “mimicked” architecture, clad in “Mediterranean” fashions. Casa Calbira is the antithesis of such pretexts, as the 2,922 s.ft., 2-story composition concerns itself more with WHAT it does, WHERE it does it, than WHAT it looks like, as the latter is the result of how one solves the previous, not a stylistic design look as a goal. Casa Calbira is a modern interpretation of what classical South Florida living is about, setting itself apart as the built vision that inspired George Merrick, what he longed to create in “The City Beautiful.”

If George Merrick was alive today, he would live here……