After graduating in 1976, Roney J. Mateu, FAIA, talked his first “client” into building what started out as a classroom design project, that most common of building types, a single family home, even though that “client” had no money or experience in these matters. So as the Client, Owner, Architect and Builder, Mateu set out in what has been an incredible architectural journey, filled with all of the lessons, the good and the challenging, that the Architecture profession has to offer.

That first built project became a launch pad for the firm’s uncompromised design convictions, and as such, attracted a whole series of clients that allowed MATEU Architecture to pursue a design ethic that still today, is consistent to the goals and aspirations that were set in motion some 36 years ago.

Over 70 AIA Design Awards later, the work of MATEU Architecture encompasses a wide variety of building types. Whether it is a Church, a Bandshell, a Major League Ballpark, a House on a 25-foot-wide lot, a Glass Museum, a Bank, a 1 million square foot Airport Terminal, a Public Building, Housing for the Elderly, a Pet Hotel for Disney World or a School of Architecture Design Competition, the work is designed and built to last, with a clarity of purpose to positively impact the place where it is sited and to inspire the users with the attributes of beauty and honesty; engagement and timelessness.

“Architecture of its time…of its place!”

We at MATEU Architecture have been blessed with clients that through the years have shared our convictions for Design, experimentation and creativity. These convictions are rooted at the core principles that have guided our firm’s Design explorations, that no matter what technology innovations and discoveries there may be, there are certain basic tenets of Design thought that are not negotiable; site, context, orientation, sun, wind, shading, ventilation, views, etc., that while others may have given up on as unnecessary for Design today, they have never left our core Design sensibilities.

As such, MATEU Architecture still Designs in the ways of natural “sustainability”, as we never gave that up, only to rediscover it as a recent popular fad, new Design tool or thought, as many have today. “Sustainable” and “Design” should be one word. We do, however, embrace new technology and new materials any time that it can enhance the core Design principles and make our projects even better. The variety of building types, the variation of scales and programs that our Design history exhibits about our work is at the core of what keeps this office an exciting and an anticipatory place of work, as nothing here is repetitive, except the quest for Design Excellence.

We seek Design Excellence in all that we do. For any building type. At any scale. In any place. At any budget.

In 1997, Mateu’s firm was selected “Firm of the Year” by the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and “Architectural Firm of the Year” in 1998 by the Hispanic American Business Association. In 1995, Mateu was the first recipient of the Silver Medal for Design, the highest Award given by the Miami Chapter of the AIA. Then in 1999, the Florida Association of American Institute of Architects honored his firm as the “Firm of the Year.” In 2000, Mateu was inducted into the Miami Chapter AIA Hall of Fame for his contributions to design. Also in 2000, the Florida Association of American Institute of Architects bestowed Mateu Architects with the “2000 Millennium Award of Honor for Design, Twentieth Century Decade 1981-1990.

In 2002, after 13 years as President and Director of Design at Mateu Carreno Rizo & Partners, Roney J. Mateu, FAIA established MATEU Architecture, Inc. in order to continue the commitment to Design Excellence, Business Integrity and Professional Ethics that was started in 1979 when he first opened his first architectural practice.

MATEU Architecture Inc., with offices in Miami, Florida, is organized to meet the needs of a discerning client base in both the private and public sector, combining Design Excellence and unparalleled service.

In 2012, MATEU Architecture was selected as “Architecture Firm of the Year” by the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for their special contributions to the profession through excellence in design, and raising public awareness of the role of architecture, their involvement in the mentoring of architectural students and their commitment and involvement in the betterment of our communities.

Roney j. mateu, faia

MATEU Architecture – President
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MATEU Architecture – Vice President

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MATEU Construction – Partner


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